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  • What does it mean for a club to be Hombu affiliated?

    The Kyu Shin Kan Omeikai is affiliated with Hombu Dojo in Japan through the United Kingdom Aikikai. For a club to be recognised by Hombu Dojo means that the Chief instructor's grade is certified by Hombu Dojo and so will the grades attained by any of his students. This ensures the standard and quality of the instructors training methods, being in line with Hombu Dojo's teachings.


  • If I get graded here will my grades be valid anywhere round the world?

    Yes, if you do go to any Aikikai dojo, your grades will be acknowledged and therefore there is no need to re-sit any gradings. However, should you choose to train at a non-affiliated dojo, it is totally up to the instructor's discretion whether or not you can keep the grade previously attained.


  • How much are the training fees?

    Currently the training fees vary depending on the dojo. Kyu Shin Kan Leicester, Class fee is £6 for Friday Evenings This is due to the rental charges of the dojo and not the Instructor taking a personal wage.


  • Can me and my friends come and watch?

    Most definitely! We encourage new people to come and watch the class before they decide to join in the training. Even if you are unsure to start with, everyone is most welcomed to come and watch as many lessons as they like before signing up.


  • If I've never done any martial arts before. will I still be able to cope with the training?

    Because of the nature of Aikido, you will find that most people in the dojo are willing to help beginners come to terms with the etiquette, language and techniques. Also, a qualified coach will be assigned to guide you through the first couple of lessons until you are more familiar with the class.


  • What equipment do I need and where can I purchase them?

    If you're coming to train for the first time and you don't have any other martial arts uniform, you can wear something comfortable i.e trackSuit bottoms and a t-shirt. When you do decide to purchase an Aikido Gi and weapons for training, this can be ordered through our online shop.


  • Where are the dojo's situated? Is there any parking available?

    You will find the location of all the dojos in the "dojo" section of our website. In that page you will find a link to a map which shows you the location of each dojo. All of our dojos have on street parking available.


  • Try to arrive ten minutes before the class starts and introduce yourself to the instructor.

  • Be polite to everyone in the dojo and remember to show your seniors respect


  • During the class listen to the instructors carefully and work hard to improve your technique.

  • When the class finishes make sure you help clean the Dojo.

  • The most important thing too remember is to have fun! If you are new to martial arts you may feel a little uncomfortable in the Dojo for the first time or find that some of the movements/techniques are difficult to perform, this is normal. Please remember that the instructors and other students are there to help you and will be happy to answer any of your questions.


  • Always arrive at least 10mins before the class.

  • Perform a standing Rei (bow), before entering the dojo.

  • Gi's (clothing) should always be kept clean, also make sure finger and toe nails are kept short.

  • After changing enter onto the mat and perform Rei (bow), from Seiza (kneeling position).

  • Perform Rei (bow) to the portrait of O'Sensei at the start of the class and also at the end of the class from Seiza (kneeling position).

  • Bow to your partner before and after you train together.

  • Weapons should always be placed to the right hand side whilst sitting (live side facing you), if your weapons are off the mat make sure the live side of the weapon is not facing the portrait of O'Sensei.

  • Never drink/eat in the dojo.

  • Line up at the beginning and end of each class in grade order highest grade to the left of the portrait of O'Sensei.

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