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Dojo Cho
Wokingham Aikido Dojo.


Started in Aikido in 1988 under Sensei Paul Shepherd at Slough Aikido Club who was then in the BAF.

Joined the UKA in 1990 along with Slough club.

Since July 2006 I have been teaching at Wokingham dojo, taking over from Rebecca Saville sensei who was moving overseas.

Over the years I have had the privilege to train with a number of visiting Japanese Sensei's such as Chiba, Yamada, Asai, Sugano, Fujita, Kanetsuka, Tamura and most memorable of all, Moriteru Ueshiba on both his 1990 and 1992 visits to the UK.


  • Shodan in March 1998

  • Nidan in March 2004

  • Sandan in August 2010

  • Godan January 2022

  • Shidoin January 2022

  • B.A.B. Coach level 1 October 2004

  • B.A.B. Children's Coach January 2005

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