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Hello everyone,

How you all doing?

Just a heads up of what's going on around the place, I thought I would attach the flyer of a joint United Kingdom Aikikai course I have been invited to take part in.

Each month through work I have had the opportunity to visit the Leicester UKA Kyu Shin Kan Dojo lead by Peter Brown Sensei.

I have found Peter Sensei to be very approachable and technical in his approach to aiki, promoting precise Taisabaki and continued awareness of one's uke. He is also very accepting of the differences in experience and in our Aikido that we all naturally have.

So if you are either looking for a little extra training, a different perspective or even increased stimulus in your approach to your own Aikido, I would thoroughly recommend paying Peter Sensei a visit as he teaches a great class. The members of the Kyu Shin Kan Dojo are also a great bunch to train with!

As of late January next year I will be returning to NZ and will also be moving on to sunnier pastures in Perth.

So before then and now I hope to see and train with you all before I head off into the sunset...or should that be overcast dusk!?

Have a great weekend and I will see you all soon.


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